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نموذج الطلب


العنوان (بما في ذلك الرمز البريدي الكامل)*

رقم الهاتف المحمول*

عنوان البريد الإلكتروني

Thanks for submitting!

Thanks for submitting!


جميع اللغات (واللهجات) - اللغة الإنجليزية إلزامية*

الخبرات ذات الصلة (مع التواريخ)*


العضويات (المعاهد والجمعيات وغيرها)*


الترجمة الفورية*


اتفاقية إلزامية 1*

اتفاقية إلزامية 2*


Thanks for submitting!

Dear Respected Colleague,

Thank you for expressing interest in working with UKLST - UK Legal Services Translation Ltd.

I would very much appreciate if you could fill out this form so I can add you to our register.

I would appreciate if you could reply to the automated email you will receive and attach to it any supporting documents and qualification(s), scanned as pdf. This will ensure you will receive assignments relevant to your specialism(s).

I strongly recommend that you read the code of ethics, our principles & code of practice (at the end of this document) to familiarise yourself with what we all expect from our professional interpreters/translators.

I look forward to working together in the future and to build a stronger network of professional interpreters and translators.

Yours faithfully,

Nauman Rashid Khan

Managing Director - UKLST


AIT - (formerly IAA) – (Asylum and Immigration Tribunal (Immigration Appellate Authority))

BIQ - Basic Interpreting Qualification

CIL2 - Community Interpreting Level 2

CIL3 - Community Interpreting Level 3

CIL4 - Community Interpreting Level 4

DPI - (formerly Metropolitan Police Test) Unit Pass - (Diploma in Police Interpreting)

DPSI H - (Health) Partial - (Diploma in Public Service Interpreting)

DPSI L - (Law) Unit Pass - (Diploma in Public Service Interpreting)

DPSI L G - (Local Govt.) Partial - (Diploma in Public Service Interpreting)

IND - (Home Office) – (Immigration Nationality Directorate)

UKBAC - UK Border Agency Certificate

Lang Deg - Language Related Degree

Lang Dip - Language Related Diploma

Other - Any other qualification that you feel is relevant

Payment via bank transfer only.

Terms & Conditions :

Code of Practice : 

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