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Types of Transcription

Accurately transcribed information is vibrant for the smooth functioning of any occasion. Transcription includes creating a textual transcript of audio or video recordings of various interactions including medical advisory, interviews, meetings, conferences, workshops, presentations, courts, educational purposes etc..

Intelligent Transcription

The intelligent Transcription process does not involve any kind of emotions, half-sentences, mumbled or garbled speech in the written text format. The actual result of this transcription is that it’s straightforward and the final words would be full of inelegance to make it worth it. To perform this audio or video to text transcription a well-qualified and trained transcriber required the experience to do such jobs carefully, as they need to have a complete understanding of what the speaker is trying to convey to the audience.

Verbatim Transcription

This process is also costly because it involves ensuring that every word spoken, emotion, laughter, scream, background noise even mumbled or muttered or confusing phrases or words are carefully transcribed and time-coded into the format written, making it like a replica. Of the audio or video file as recorded.

Edited Transcription

Edited Transcriptions are often used when the transcriber can omit the parts from the video or audio file, without disturbing the meaning of the recording does not change at all. Though, this type of transcription is time-consuming as the transcriber must know what is important to keep in adios or video files and what is not important. Edited transcriptions require the transcriber to understand the sense or purpose of the video or audio file and just clean up the odds of retaining the reliability of the audio or video file.

Phonetic Transcription

This type of transcription notes the way spoken words are pronounced using phonetic symbols. We know that the English language has 26 alphabets, but approximately 44 unique sounds are called phonemes. Well, the pertinent question now is what a phoneme is. It is the smallest unit of speech that can make one word different from another.

Mission Statement

"Countering language barriers with professionalism and expertise"


We believe effective communication is a vital part of any dialogue between two more parties. When it comes to understanding languages, UKLST is at the forefront of providing interpreters and translators to ensure professional and custom-tailored services to top quality companies at all times.

UK Legal Services Translation Ltd


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Please note due to the Pandemic, restrictions may be in place in regards to face to face appointments and when attending at our Manchester Office.

For more information, please call us and speak to member of our staff.

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