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Invoicing Requirements - Interpreters


All invoices must be submitted via e-mail to within 7 days after the assignment is completed.

Any failure to provide invoices within 7 days will result in no payment or delayed payment.

Please provide an invoice (any format) with clearly stated starting and finishing times.

NOTE - Purchase Orders cannot be used as invoices. An invoice sample can be provided if requested.


The following information must be submitted:

1.Timesheet – has to be printed out & signed by the interpreter and the client’s legal representative, solicitor, social worker, medical expert etc. thus confirming the interpreting starting and finishing time and submitted as a scanned document or clear photo via e-mail. Please DO NOT make notes on the timesheet regarding travel time and/or expenses – it is designed to reflect interpreting hours only.

Invoice must contain the following information:

2.Interpreting time – stated starting and finishing time

3.Travel time – please provide information about the time spent for the round trip according to the agreed rates.

4.If traveling by car – please state the mileage for the round trip according to the agreed rates

5.If traveled by public transport - all travel expenses (bus, train, metro) must be supported by scanned copies or good quality pictures of actual paper tickets or screenshots/online statements (for example, Oyster) in case of card/online payment with visible costs. Bank statements cannot be accepted as proof of travel expenses. Any expenses not supported by proofs can not be claimed by us from our client and therefore reimbursed to the interpreter as well.

6.Car park expenses (CP) - we authorize car park expenses up to £10 and it must be supported with the scan or picture of ticket or screenshot of payment if paid by mobile phone. If CP expenses are expected to be higher – it has to be agreed with NTIS UK / UKLST prior to assignment. In some cases, we might be able to advise another CP near the venue at more reasonable costs. Toll expenses are not acceptable without prior written permission from Booking Team.

7.We DO NOT authorize expenses for taxi services. However, there can be some exceptions related to the accessibility of the venue by other means – that needs to be agreed upon with NTIS UK / UKSLT prior to the appointment.

NOTE - Purchase Orders cannot be used as invoices. An invoice sample can be provided if requested.

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